City of Bones by Cassandra Clare & Its Angsty Teen Love (Series Review)

Posted: March 19, 2016 in Book Review, Series Review
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This is a review of Books I-IV. Series unfinished.

Premise: Fifteen-year-old Clary finds herself launched into an urban-fantasy version of NYC when she witnesses the murder of a demon–by demonhunters.

Thoughts: I like a lot of the wordbuilding and mythology of this series. I LOVE SIMON.

But I don’t care for the City of Bones series. I wanted to like it, but I can’t finish it, even on audio. (It doesn’t help that I disliked the voice and style of the audiobook narrator of #5 City of Lost Souls, the book I tried to begin again with. Molly C. Quinn makes a melodramatic series sound even more melodramatic.)

This is one of those series that tells me I’ve lost touch with the genre, just a little bit, because every teen girl I talk to loves it. Like, “Hey girl, what have you been readi-” “OMG CITY OF BONES IT’S THE BEST THING EVER AND BANE CHRONICLES I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3<3<3”

I liked it well enough at ages 18/19, but I stopped after book IV because the series became a drag as I lost interest. I won’t read six (very long) books for the love of one character.

A couple adult booktubers seem to love this series and I just don’t get it. It’s melodramatic and angsty- she bit her lip until it bled; he stayed up waiting until five am when exhaustion finally took its toll; all of the teenagers are skinny or gorgeous. Does no one else get tired of the cliches?

And also, I really don’t like Jace. Sorry girls! Too arrogant for me. My final complaint: there’s too much focus on how everybody looks. That really doesn’t matter to the story…

Recommendation: But like I said, I enjoyed the series well enough, as a teen. If you can get a teen reading it, go for it—the worldbuilding is really smart. The series just doesn’t appeal to adult me.

** 2/5 STARS

  1. Since you have good things to say about a number of other YA books, I doubt you’re terribly out of touch with them altogether. This review does make me curious as to what you’d think of Twilight, if you read it now.

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    • Christy Luis says:

      Oh Twilight! Haha. That is a proud comic-romance, no dancing around it. It irritated me that city of bones, which is supposed to be urban fantasy, spent so much time mooning over romance and appearance when there were so many other cool things to explore. A good majority of the conflicts had to do with romance. But you’re actually right, I never thought about comparing the two! They have some similarities: for example, they’re both very “soapy.” And although Clary is a stronger female characters than Bella (because she has interests outside of her boyfriend), they both make REALLY stupid mistakes all the time haha. Both series have lush atmospheres, but city of bones definitely has more developed worldbuilding. I do think Twilight is funnier and more self-deprecating as a whole, though, than this series, which takes itself very seriously. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, M!!


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