About This Blog

Welcome to my review site!

My name is Christy Luis. I post weekly reviews of new and classic speculative fiction that catches my eye and seems unique. I read a lot of young adult fiction and speculative fiction that appeals to young adults; I also prefer fantasy and sociological sci-fi to hard sci-fi, so my selections may reflect that. I tend to gravitate towards genre fiction, especially lyrical, character-driven stories.

I will occasionally review a historical, literary or otherwise interesting but aberrant work. I just can’t keep them out entirely! 🙂 But the blog is dedicated almost exclusively to speculative fiction.

Books I Review In Order of Frequency:

  • YA Speculative (of all types- fantasy, dystopia, alternate history, time travel, etc.)
  • Adult Fantasy
  • Other adult speculative
  • Children’s Speculative
  • Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Adult Nonfiction and Classics

I don’t read a lot of Indie fiction, at this time, but I’m open to suggestions. (For example, I loved Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge adventure series, which a friend recommended to me.)

Other Reviews, Updates and Photos

I also read and review in genres other than F/SF; you can follow my Goodreads, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to get reviews of those books, as well as other updates and photos that I don’t post on this blog.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Please comment, like my posts or message me if you’d like to chat!




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